Drones, robots…and Mercedes?

vision van

The rapid development in new technologies means that the motoring world is set to change. Driverless cars and similar robots are set to take over whether we like it or not. With the unveiling of its Vision Van at its Van Innovation Campus in Stuttgart, Germany, Mercedes has showcased how robots and drones could soon be used more effectively for delivery tasks and how this could impact the motoring world.

Van hire and leasing specialist Northgate has looked at how the enhancements would work:

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My First Car- Citroen C1 Review


Since I was young I have always had a passion for cars, so I knew as soon as I was 17 I wanted to be driving on the roads. I bought my first car in May 2016 even though I was not 17 until July, this meant that on my birthday I had a car to drive and practice in to save money on lessons (something I’d recommend to all learners). I passed my practical driving test within a month of turning 17 so I’d definitely recommend getting a car you can practice in.

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