Why eat healthy?

With winter approaching, it can often be hard to find motivation to try and lead a healthier lifestyle. The autumn leaves are falling and crunching under our feet, darker nights and log fires make everything seem cosy but why should you stay strong and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle?

I know myself, I have always struggled to stick to a diet or routine. I often go through many different stages of having a small burst of motivation to be healthy but I never carry it on. For me, summer holidays are my main motivation, it gets to around Spring time and I want to get that beach body that I would feel comfortable with. I have never really been overweight but never as toned as I’d like, thanks to a good metabolism I’ve coped well when considering my diet. But why should you eat healthy, read on for further inspiration…


Weight Loss


The main benefit of eating healthy is seeing a progression in your body. Eating the right food is extremely important if you are looking to lose weight in fact, experts say that you should follow an 80-20 rule, the diet being 80% important in losing weight. It is never easy to lose weight no matter how old you are but it is important to eat healthy regardless. You will gain satisfaction from seeing your progress and you will feel motivated to continue, so my best advice is to take pictures every month to record your progression and if you’re in need of some motivation, perhaps you’re tempted by a chocolate cake, then take a look back at those progression pics and they will keep you focused on your goal.

Better Skin


Eating healthy can also help your skin, eating fruit and vegetables help to reduce spots and give your skin an overall healthy look to it. I can always tell if I have been eating too much chocolate or sweet treats by the amount of spots of my face. If the other benefits of eating healthy are not enough, better skin is another benefit which can help to motivate you to eat healthy and lead a healthier lifestyle.



Confidence is one of the hardest things we all deal with, it impacts our lives on a daily basis, without a high level of confidence you may feel self-conscious which can have an effect on your social well-being. I have always found that eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle; e.g working out, has always helped to boost my confidence. I always struggled with going to the gym, I felt awkward and always tended to overthink if other people were judging me, so I stopped. Though Summer this year I was motivated to work out and after some motivation from my two cousins I decided to join the gym. The best advice I could give someone who is nervous or anxious about going to a gym would be to go with someone else; a family relative, a friend, a colleague. This gave me the motivation to stick it out, then once I was hooked on the gym I found myself having the confidence to go it alone! Once you start to see progression in your body, you will feel more confident as a result. Eating healthy and exercising can help boost your confidence as you will feel happier within yourself. You may also grow the confidence to build a career in fitness.

More Energy


Finally, eating healthy can also help to boost your energy levels. Eating fruit and vegetables packed with natural sugars helps you to stay energised throughout the day. I found the best way to pack in your 5 a day easily is to make or buy a fruit smoothie, they’re healthy, great on the go as well as really tasty. With more energy you will find yourself being able to do more things with your time, going for runs, longer shopping trips and not falling asleep infront of the TV. The main benefit for me has been how easy it is for me to wake up for work, I could even go as far to say I could do without an alarm, though I’d never risk it.

Another way to lead a healthier lifestyle is to de-stress. A great way to do this is to read books, a range of bloggers write book reviews like Kimberly.


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