How to get the best fuel economy from your car

Learning to drive can be one of the most useful and rewarding things that you can do but it is also extremely expensive. The main focus for young drivers is the cost of insurance and the cost of the car itself, though we should all remember that without fuel we cannot drive anywhere. So follow these handy tips on how to get the best fuel economy from your car and most importantly, save you cash!

1- The Car Diet!

Extra weight in your car can cause your engine to work harder, leading to it using more fuel. One of the easiest ways to save fuel is to put your car on a diet, take some of the weight out of it in order to burn less fuel!

2- Reducing Drag

For all those scientists out there, you will know that extra drag can lead to more fuel usage.  In order to reduce drag, remove any extra, unnecessary equipment around your vehicle including roof boxes and bike racks.

3- Maintanance

Keeping your car well maintained can also save fuel. Keeping tyres correctly inflated, making sure you have enough engine oil and getting the car regularly serviced can all lead to better fuel economy.

4- Turning off air conditioning

If your car has air conditioning, make sure that you switch it off when you do not need it, using air-con can lead to a 15% increase in fuel usage! That should make you think twice about switching the air-con on when you don’t need it.

5- Using Stop/Start

Most modern cars since 2010 have been fitted with start stop technology, this is a great feature that can save fuel when stopped in traffic. So take your feet off the pedals and relax, knowing that you’re saving your wallet and the environment.

Check your car’s true MPG

Using the WhatCar check your MPG service to see what mpg you should be getting out of your car for the types of roads you drive on.

What fuel economy do you get from your car? Leave a comment below!



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