Suits of the future- how is technology influencing our tailoring?

It is said that the suit that we all know and love today started in the early 1800s by a gentleman called Beau Brummell. He replaced long-tailed coats and silk stockings with the classic suit jacket accompanied by full-length trousers and it all went from there. But as we’re faced with new challenges (such as the lengthy daily commute) and as we strive to cut out time consuming activities (ironing a suit can be draining), what does the future look like for our tailoring? CT shirts, retailers of the Men’s casual shirts, investigate:

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Vans Ultra Range- How to get £10 off another pair of shoes

I have always been a huge fan of trainers, so when I seen the Vans Ultra Range I was instantly drawn to them. After the recent rage over the Old Skool Vans I wanted to join the trend but whilst having something a bit different, hence my choice for the ultra range. Continue reading