Vans Ultra Range- How to get £10 off another pair of shoes

I have always been a huge fan of trainers, so when I seen the Vans Ultra Range I was instantly drawn to them. After the recent rage over the Old Skool Vans I wanted to join the trend but whilst having something a bit different, hence my choice for the ultra range. Continue reading


My First Car- Citroen C1 Review


Since I was young I have always had a passion for cars, so I knew as soon as I was 17 I wanted to be driving on the roads. I bought my first car in May 2016 even though I was not 17 until July, this meant that on my birthday I had a car to drive and practice in to save money on lessons (something I’d recommend to all learners). I passed my practical driving test within a month of turning 17 so I’d definitely recommend getting a car you can practice in.

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